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Confidential clinical surveys and research on important issues of patient care

Aims and Scope

World Journal of Medicine (WJM) is an international journal of medical sciences and practice, with intention to develop into the first dynamic international medical journal. It will not only offer up to date medical scientific and clinical practice information, but also facilitate international collaboration on medical research, education, and clinical practice. It is academically peer-reviewed and designed for all doctors, researchers, and health workers regardless of their medical specialties, or type of employment. It is published four times a year in London. The journal is distributed worldwide. WJM delivers up-to-date, authoritative, & clinically oriented coverage of any area in medicine. Regular features include: articles by leading authorities, reports on the latest treatments for diseases, and a section discussing important advances in medical research. WJM is organized into the following sections to make material easy to find: Leading articles/editorials, Original articles, Medical progress reports, Review articles, Case report, Seminars and Special report on health related issues worldwide. The additional features are Image of the issue, book reviews, and abstracts from important basic research.

WJM will seek to be abstracted/indexed in many databases including

  • British Library
  • Biological Abstracts
  • Chemical Abstracts
  • Index Medicus/Medline
  • Science Citation Index (SCI)
  • Current Contents
  • Cancerlit
  • Health Plan & Administration
  • Embase
  • Social Scisearch
  • Aidsline
  • Toxline
  • Biocommercial Abstracts
  • Arts and Humanities Search
  • Nuclear Science Abstracts
  • Water Resources Abstracts
  • Cab Abstracts
  • Occupation Safety & Health
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